Books, Survival and Living | #SundayMeditation #blog366


It says books. From a heads-up postit in our kitchen. We want to unclutter in our home. Next up in the uncluttering is to let books go from here to elsewhere.

What’s in a book?

And, well. Yes. I confess. Book-a-holic, I am. I have more books than I have energy and focus to read. At least for the moment, being on long-term sick-leave and prioritized energy for “Daddy – Family – Together”.

So what to do?

Sort. Out!

Follow a twist on how to feed the outside of our home with books we will trade into things good for a growing baby, soon big enough to take them away from the shelves and onto the floors.

Trade and upgrade. We get space. Air to breathe. Cash. For us. For our home. For selected charities. But, as said. Charity begins at home!

Let the trade for the betterment begin!

But for now. Curtain down!

Actors and agents asleep! And authors …

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