Catching Up With The Back(b)log | #Writing

More than two weeks off. Of reasons.

I did an inventory on dates to fill in with retrospective blogging. I want every day of the year reflected in retrospect, where I did not do the Lullaby Blogging.

There is something special with daily blogging. A journal, leaving memories where they are. Fragments of life, where the little can express much. Image and text. And also an exercise in writing, creating, discipline and focus! I need it!

So, with that said – beginning tomorrow! Aiming to cover all the gaps before closing the book of 2019 – the most Lovely and Heavenly (when Mika was declared well in February) and Burning Hell-ish (when he got a new disease that took his life in August) year ever experienced.

Writing is therapy. Healing over time. One post at a time.

I was having counselling today, sorrow support talks with my psychologist at the child’s clinic. Today I truly had a deep, painful Sorrow Peak. Watching images in the morning from Karin’s insta. Cried my heart out. Exposing myself. Have had some weeks of gerting out there, doing this and that. Coping mechanisms have been working. But today it surfaced. So painful!

Beyond that – meeting up with Karin at the hospital, who got operated today – taking away her Port-a-cath! Breast cancer got beaten! Bam!

Life goes on!

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