Rules and Running | #Recovering

Three hours to get my errand at the authorities straight enough, and story not over yet. Emphatic service woman who did all what could to call those handling the files, and she really had a deep understanding. She fought to keep her tears back. All thru the afternoon! Angel of the Day! And her name is Karin. Gotta be something special with that name …


All in all. The system that once was there to support us, is beyond fkkd up, and puts our whole fragile society at deep risk. Spare you the details. All will be ok in the end.

Beyond a great dinner made by MY Karin, we had a TV night. I am sooo exhausted and blown out.

Docu on the Swedish Pop Music Wonder cheered up!

And when energy at the lowest – rule number one:


SLAM DJs Scottish Techno (SLAM RADIO guest DJ Temudo, and SLAM DJs at RINSE FM), and rounding our airport. Home by midnight. My run log app having a glitch, so sharing via gMaps.

New day tomorrow! Keeping on living – with patience, endurance and (doing things that brings me) joy.

Love Is All Around – even in the deepest of the dark! Living on!

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