Wendy In Memoriam – Playing Together With Mika, We Feelz | #WendyTheCat #MikaTheAngel #WMHD

Today, passing by with a seven-year cycle, Wendy left us for #TheOtherworld (link to a photo from her last day in #Thisworld).

Does humans meet Pure Light, and our other family members walking over the Rainbow Bridge? Trick question! Pure Light IS the Rainbow! All a matter of perspective, right?

We lit our Memorial Candle in the kitchen today. And yes – the kitchen was my Sorrow Therapy Place of today. Music, re:claimed!

After some two weeks off track totally, I lost even the Lullaby Blogging! So many things happening, and on my focused and disciplined to-do list, intention is to catch up with that backlog! And, for sure – the events passing by the past fortnight, surely needed some distance to leave me to breathe in and breathe out! At the same time as the Pain of Sorrow knows no limits, so does the synchronicities showing for us, that I just have to move on! The Mission Is Not Over …

So, with that said – first #aBreathing mix beyond Mika leaving us, recorded! And as stated at the Memorial Service – everything I create will be a tribute to Mika, to keep his memory alive forever. #MikaMix No. 1, there it was! After a third try, it took its price to get the gear up and running again. A full day of Stamina, ready by dinner. The mix will be shared in a few days! View this as a cliff hanger.

Then, getting back to the Kundalini Yoga Studio as well, also weeks off. Today’s Kriya focused on release blockings. And it surely did!

With the feeling that Mika plays around with that little Furry Ball of Wendy, I feel a deep yawning coming to me. So! Goodnight!

Written on World Mental Health Day. Sorrow is not a Disease. Trauma creates Anxiety. Crisis has its Process. Healing, over time. Suicide Is Not An Option. Life Is Here To Be Lived and Loved! Theme on #WMHD2019 – SUICIDE PREVENTION!

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