Mika Memorial And Bye Bye – Now On Facebook Event | #MikaTheHero #MikaMemorial #MikaByeBye

A tough day. Slowed down a bit, and emotional back-log hit us. I was screaming my lungs and soul out in the mattress where he used to sleep.

Downloaded a bunch of Google Images and did some screenshots of Instagram on tag #MikaTheHero. 45 min’s of triggering. But I trigger even more on music …

We had a nice and fruitful soul supporting talk with the priest today, as well.

And last, but not least. Did manage to get together a Facebook Event as well. A mirroring of Karin’s event in Swedish.

Repeating the plea for financial support – 0708 15 15 68 on Swedish Swish, and https://paypal.me/relovetheworld for angelic connected #LoveCash to help with costs of ceremony and tombstone.


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