Sofa Project – Before And After | #MikaSpirit #Everydayness #DODODO

Working our asses off today. In order not to be totally devoured by the #MikaMissing, we decided to go full on and clean a cornerstone of our temple – the sofa corner! Haven’t been done in years thoroughly. Shitloads of #MikaMemories. What to keep? What to throw away?

Now, week three of grief has begun.

Keeping strong. Doing heavy lifting. Literally. And cleaning out our love corner for a renewed flow of ‘what to come’. His presence – as always! – felt … Full on!

Universe is bigger than we can think!

But here is our spot for R&R, for our Biggest Work Ever. To survive the loss of #MikaYheHero from #ThisWorld.

And in the midst of the cleansing process, sitting in a sofa without with only one pillow and talk to Nadine, in her Camp School, ending tomorrow! We also bounced back and forth to August Festival.

Playing “life goes on” as good as we can, and master the triggers. Everywhere.

Now – with chamomile tea and chill tv – SLEEP BEYOND THE DONE! CHECK!

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