Day 17 in November, Anno Domini 2016 – Enigma New Album, Family Happenings and A Friend’s Birthday | #blog101 #FlowOfLife #Enigma #Family #Annukka


I – Enigmas new album

I have praised Enigma as a key part of my musical journey, all categories defined. It stands in its own right as something to always fall back to, in moments of turmoil and passages of joy. In short – it just is. Music for (my!) health, in its very core!

I stumbled upon their new single some month ago, connecting the circle some 25 years back, with the new Sadeness II – reflecting back to their breakthrough single Sadeness I, 1990, and taking it to a “now”. And tonight, being quite much offline and not diving so much on the new release flows on my Spotify these days, I just realized their new album, The Fall of a Rebel Angel, has been out for a week now!

In my second listening, and letting impressions of the first sink in, I feel they get back to the roots of the project, at the same time flirting with the future. The Sadeness II track here gets a storified conceptual album context, to which I recommend listening from beginning to end. In a time where fast pitched and singled out songs flies with a short lifespan in the global attention war, being part of your own mixtapes of the contemporary – the playlist – the Enigma project stands as a contrast. It has been eight (8!) years since Enigma released an album.

And here it is.

Links – Enigma site on the new album, an interview and the Wikipedia article.

II – The Dayflow

In the flow of life, this first album listening as a blogging soundtrack, marks a great ending of a long day.

Beginning with a re:visit to the hospital to equip Mika with a 24hr ECG recorder early morning hours, we went back home to welcome Mika’s grandmother Hedwig and her dog Jippii for a nice hangaround, fika and dinner making. Just lovely!

Then, when Hedwig left with Jippii, we just laid back and had a nice evening chill in front of the big screen with some equally laid back TV watching.



I end with a congratulation, to my dear friend, one of my self-chosen siblings, a “sister from another mister” – Annukka. She was ahead of me in time, landing on the sphere, a little more than half a year, in fact. Which gets her on her 51st orbit around the sun. Respect, Annukka! All the brotherly love I can give – bam! Hope you had a great day!

Well, as you see – I had.

And now, bed is calling.

Lullaby blogging over. Mika resting calm, Karin just finished some nighttime reading. And me, feeling the sleep train arriving.

Good night!




  1. Aww.. my dear brother from another mother. Thank you from the depth of my heart. I had one of the best days in a while. Been in constant love flow throughout the b-day. Reviving! Peace and love ♡

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