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We made a Longwalk today, Karin, Mika and I. Pokemon Go Halloween Special, extra rewarding for my Karin! Me, supporting. We had main target to visit a charity store in Ingelsta, where giving = fika! And we found some Xmas gifts already – books! And I am truly proud of Karin pushing her limits, out walking like this. Almost 12k steps. Yay!. 

A visit to neighbouring toy store. Roar!

Before going. In bed. Mika wants to govern the gadget! Photo by Karin – this time!

At Hovet, Stockholm. Jean-Michel Jarre, live. Feeling the vibes from my friends, on distance. Will catch him NEXT time in Sweden, when I expect him to make the world tour on Oxygène III, out in December, 40 years after Oxygène I! Ok, JMJ? A compensation was to have a Lullaby with Mika: JMJ live at Docklands 1988. He applauded on one tune before falling asleep! And he sings! The Element of Music, transferred from Karin and me, truly!!

Magnus Carlsson at “Så Mycket Bättre” ended the day, a propos music. Awesome!

Dayplaylist also included new album from Petter! New interpretations from old tunage. Jazzy, funky, gospel and so on. Awesome! Skeppsholmen, that magic island in Stockholm, named the album.

As always – enjoy!

Now, Sleep Train coming, better jump on it 

Good night, folks! Live good, sleep (even) better!

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