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Today, we paid the honour to visit one of the most well-organized and big baby/kid-clothes-swapping-day in Norrköping (Facebook event page for more pics from the arranging team!). Targeting NEW SHOES among the thousands of items to be found. And yes – we found them! And some other needed stuff. But! Here it is! Here HE is! Soon taking his first steps, as it feels! He prefers standing only by lifting him up nowadays! Look at the animation above! We’re so proud and happy with all the developments now rolling!

Some snapshots from the slides above;


“Yay, mommy and daddy, ME STANDZ! I LOVE these new stable SHOOZ!”


“Hmmmm … Sturdy Quality!”[1]

[1] Note – the brand (non-disclosed, this blog is ‘non-commercial’…), is great – and can wander from owner to owner in greater sum and parts … this is the filtering we do when visiting big 2nd hand marketplaces, popping up like this. Buy Quality, Cry Once! Vittra School and the arranging team – kudos for being so well organized! First time we were here, Mika was in mommys tummy! Last year, same springy feel, then with Nadine – she found what she was looking for then! Learning items of life – “be careful with what you want – you might get it!” – and expectations truly govern the outcomes! So, it is.


“Soon, getting the hang of this … called ‘standing on my own’ … before ‘dancing for myself’ … ”


And – a semi-selfie, shadowed and indirectly profiled at this sunny day. Below me, a bag full of nice “hits” of our other targets wading around in the massive supply! Great, great, day! Anna and Thomas, with their Eliot made us company too. In summary: Melovez! Saturday Love! <3

Let’s finish off with a microvideo! Good night!


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