Lullaby Logging | #blogg100 #SundayMeditation

Hans Christian Andersen. His legacy, a part of it, resting on a laptop.

Preoccupied with the concept of time. Might be a risk it drains my energy. If releasing myself from the ultimate paradox of time, I feel something else coming.

Tomorrow? Next day? I conceptualize a process called evolution. And tomorrow  is the point, where I live, when I see the sun rise. Greeting it, I do, every morning. Feeling the power of gratitude.

Focus! One central key to transcendence and levelling up. I have come to terms and beyond negotiation with important parties of people in professions of helping and healing. And yes. We have landed with a task. Open sourcing a tale of exploration – ‘music for health’. Invited, you are, to join that conversation!

Q: Writing with the 1000 most common words in Swedish? Would be a cool challenge … yes! Understandability!!??

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