Sunday Zen | #blogg100 #SundayMeditation

I. Zen Garden. A place to find space for finding meaning? II. Closing your eyes still does not stop you from seeing things. III. If we realize that nothing truly separated us – that all divisions in between us are fictional – where does the insight of all of us are just reflections of the same energy source take us? What to become out if it?

Universal and Here | #SundayMeditation #blog366

If you think you can run away from your meaning, you’re wrong. But you cannot run around in the dark and wilderness in order to find it. Either. But take everyday focuses, in the mean time, sometimes just a ‘carpe momentum’ with just a breathe in and breathe out, and the meaning can just hit you when you least expect it. The Insight Breakthrough! Worth the patience and endurance, it is. With meaning, the power it takes for meeting everyday’s struggles, just adds up when needed. And joy. In the moments. You get. My meaning? Love. My family. Music. Let…