Stories of Lost and Found (UPDATED WITH VIDEO – Let’s find Miranda The Cat!)

Today, at the way back home from a check-up at the Children’s Care Clinic for a regular weight-length control for the first time, we met a cat seemingly lost or homeless. We left it as it was since we could not take care of it. At my evening run I saw this. I called. Story unfolding. Citizens of Norrköping – have you seen this cat around the area of Källvindsgatan-St Persgatan? Look out! — image and text // giving clues // feline returns — UPPDATERING (in Swedish). 11 juli 2015 22.00: Ägarna lade till ett videoklipp på YouTube för att…

Alone and Lost | #blog365 #haiku

the canadian goose // tries to realign // with hes herd — Photo: When running during this week, I have found two geese of the Canadian Kind being alone. If it is the same, me dunno. The Big Flock was captured. Later. Feeling Compassion: Is s/he lost? — And: me will share video. In time. Of the full flock :).