10. J as in Japan! | #Wishlist2017

36 images of Mount Fuji in different contexts and from different views, from the artist Hokusai – where you most certainly recognize the one on the top left. The Great Wave of Kanagawa. One of the most spread artworks, yes – pop art in its true sense. But, I want to see Mount Fuji. Live! Japan, certainly, is on my Bucket List! A deep wish to go there! And yes, it’s not a secret – my passion for Aikido, the japanese Budo form. An integrated part of my life, where Aikido, metaphorically, is a core sense and expression of my life philosophy. With Aikido, many ‘back doors’ to Japanese culture and ethics have been opened, and it would be a true and full delight to open all doors to it, by going there! What I want to DO on those islands? Too much to list. I settle with only one wish, this year – I wish to go there! Maybe returning on my Wishlist 2018, with dedicating some of the alphabetical wishes to what I want to do there? As for now, an open question! Hai!

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