9. I as in Inspiration! | #Wishlist2017

The immaterial wishes continues to dominate my wishlist for 2017, a wishlist exercise which I aim to establish as a tradition, beyond my birthday. An exercise done during vacation and holiday times! What I felt during some time, is a bit of lack of inspiration, especially when it comes to create texts or music. My blogging has went down in speed and frequency beyond the #blog365 challenge 2016, and writing more extended essays or texts haven’t been taking place since ending up writing the first full draft of my book that never went into full publishing all the way, or stepping down the Social Media Club Global Board of Directors in 2015.

When it comes to my music and mixing, I haven’t published an online mixtape since November 2014. I wish to get back some of the old energy I had plowed down in these kinds of activities! In short – to get back in gear! Of course, all is related to the challenges coming with my collapse in spring 2015, and the long way back to get into shape. Stepping up my efforts in these lines of activities surely is what I need. And for that, besides the space to level up again, I need the inspiration to get back into track here!

The first larger writing project I aim to land is a prospect for researching related to music for health, which is a part of my work trial at Norrköping’s Kundalini Yoga Center – an environment I feel calm and inspiring! And, also, getting back to my music and DJing, I hope to get when arranging an event in collaboration with the same, focusing meditation, where my artist alias aBreathing is intended to come alive again! And, by then, a promo mix in this spirit as well, in conjunction with this event. So – from Intention, comes Inspiration! Yes!

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