Nine Earth Orbits With Nadine On This Earth | #blog366

Digiart from my daughter Nadine! Speaks for itself :).

Today, my daughter turns nine years old. As with having a kid that loves you absolutely and true, a love returned with a force greater than the sum of all mass in the universe, your stories you can tell of these years can be so many!

I settle only with one. Today!

We got one hour of bliss on the net phone, 14-15. We really loved the joint moment of countdown! 14.41, her time of birth is. So we looked at the exact time given by – she in her room in Norway, me in my bedroom with her Hello Kitty-pillowcase on the pillow I leaned on :).


And we really found ourselves to experience to be in the same room! A Love Explosion.

Congratulations, my love! You still make me feel like a lucky star in a big universe, as I told you through the announcement nine years ago! And I am a very proud father! May all your many Earth Orbits to come be filled with peace, love, harmony and understanding! #NadineTheGrrl :).

The first image of me and my daughter Nadine.

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