“A Life in Flow” — An Intro


Writing a book on surviving, living and prospering in The Flow Society

When the time has come, it is there. When you feel it, in every neckhair, in every corner of the gut — just doing it! Yes. When all the decisions are made, it is the delivery that counts. Less talk, more workshop!
Writing a book? There is nothing mythical about it. Really. No mystery. Like WordPress states, just below the editor in their Full Screen mode — “Just write”!And, as in a workshop, it is mostly dealing with sweat and periods of anxiety, mixed with joy. In the end (painfully?) releasing the written products from its author — for the “general public”. When ready? In a Perfect World — never ready! But with product milestones of Drafts and Editions. Panta Rhei!


Workflow of #FlowWork. Postings on Medium and on my personal web hub . Pages added to a webspace (T. B. A.). PDFs for d/l. Then. Print!With that said.

Today, I just outlined my very detailed (working!) schedule for the write-up of the book “Ett liv i flow — Hur överleva, leva och berika sig i flödessamhället?”. Yes, the first edition will be in Swedish. Google Translate might be an option for “those-who-cannot-wait”-ers. Also known as “Early Adopters” :).

For your service (taking away the fun often coming with gTranslate ;), this time:“A Life in Flow — How Survive, Live and Prosper in the Flow Society?”. An Inspirational Guide.

And, platform of choice for the Writing Process? Well, I will cross-post, here and there , for the book in emergence (but not everywhere ;). Initial postings will be done on Medium (imagined to be a just-enough-social for the expected-to-be-qualitative response with sidenotes optional to the right), and here on my personal Web Hub http://andersabrahamsson.org (proudly powered by WordPress). Those two outlets This will be the first publishing platforms for the first drafts, delivered incrementally. One section, one chapter, one part at a time. Until the First Final Edition. To be published — April 8, 2014! Yes, the deadline is very sharp — for reasons I will return to.

UPDATE [27 NOV 2013]: I will not cross post here. The full text will be available on Medium, and Medium only, with an RSS ticker in the sidebar as of today. General news on the book project will be posted in the categories #TheFlowBooks and #EttLivIFlow, including when aggregated sections add up to a full chapter – downloadable through here when compiled.


The Working Schedule — captured via Whitelines Link In the columns: Chapter number, #2Do-checkboxes (one per section — 1000 words in average per section, giving approx 4000 words per chapter), chapter name, and last but not least name of each part.

We have reached an end for the most frequent snippets shared with the the hectic and stressful “status-sphere”. It is time to step back and reflect. Space is made for the patient long-reader to step forward to converse questions that matter. I am not sharing when I have a refill on my cup of coffee that frequent anymore. Something you haven’t even noticed.

But I will still need that coffee with cream for the write-up of the book ;).

Stay tuned!


Well, just for the sake of contradicting myself. Time for a refill! (At the original time of working with) this posting about to reach its end!

PS. The book is financed through a three-step process, that somewhat relate to “Crowdfunding” — but shall not be mixed up with that term, really ;). I will blog about this strategic flow separately here on http://andersabrahamsson.org and on Medium. In short: It has passed the first stage of Corefunding. It is now in the process of Peerfunding. Both these loops are closed. The first open funding round will be beyond the publishing of the first Swedish edition in April, 2014 — and that final stage is named Tribefunding.

The first two stages the people are fully known by both first and second name ;). In that last stage, the target groups are identified to the degree it resonates strongly for the “Tribes” who want to see the book translated into English! So, better off having this write-up for you in this early stage ;). DS.


Hoffice buddy. The paw of #UchiTheCat on our desk …


…a Holy Birman who couldn’t care less :). #DeshiTheCat equally indifferent, the brothers sharing the same peaceful state :).

[note: this posting is a repost with minimal re-edit from Medium.com]

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