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reflecting // a life’s milestone // of speechless joy

Photo: Nadine’s illustration of herself smiling in her new bed/createspace combo, me and Karin – and how our happinness knew no boundaries last time she was here and got her new bed. This is a drawing from her pre-school done during this week in Växjö.

She calls it her “castle”. This magnificient piece of furniture, she now can call her own. As seen, we all was sooo happy! It is in those moments, you get what I call “near-life experience”. Or what the Swedish group called Hansson de Wolfe United called “Existance Maximum”.

Think of it – where and how we spend our nights says alot about us and how we live and are. And it is a very important place. Thus, it is very wise to invest in it. This, Nadine now have got enforced and confirmed – a lesson we give her. Thank you Karin – and Hasse (In Memoriam)! – for this Act of Love!

We got it second hand – Tromsö from IKEA, white, 90 cm wide, was out of range – so we had to rent a car to get it from Boxholm, that stormy and rainy Monday last week. An adventure in itself!

And the assembly always is that relationship-testing experience in our teamwork. It took some five hours on that Tuesday to get it together! Wednesday saw the cleaning and order made on her new “create-space”. She did it in what can be called 15 min “kiddie” Pomodoros ( orchestrated by Karin – and it worked fine!

Now, with best force ever, with this bedtime story said – Good Night!

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