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Photo: #WendyTheCat’s remains and sanctuary in our home. See for my honouring of Wendy’s passing away one year ago, and the Gratitudes. Still not ready to take the full story of this totally unique and special Birma. Don’t know how to do it. Truly.

After this first orbital round of our Planet making its way around the Sun…
After the day of her moving on to Afterlife …

… I will find a way to share the stories, here and there. Still, Images will do the Talking in the mean time.

A short remark. Cats (or maybe pets in general) keeps you Sane in a Crazy World. I will elaborate further, over time, on this in my book writing the half-year to come.

“A Life in Flow – How to Survive, Live and Prosper in the Flow Society”

With that said, it’s the International Day for Mental Health October 10th. In all its explosive pain the Day of Passing Away, I somewhat wonder if our Queen wanted to send a message to Humanity on what keeps us in one piece.

I will rest, deeply, on this case. Still, with intense grief being there, beneath the surfaces.

Thank you all for letting me share and you for read these lines of reflection of my suffering, in order to maintain my Core of Happinnes and Joy of Life!

Wendy, my beloved.


Godnatt, min skatt!

Our Diamond in the Sky!

Tack för att du fanns!
Tack för att du finns!


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