Nadine At The Grave – With A Painted Mika Cat | #NadineTheHeroine #MikaTheAngel #GraveVisit

Today, after a day downtown, we wwnt to the grave. Nadine had got a cat you could paint yourself – and, yay! – what talent she has! Rainbow ears and green glitterish. So beautiful an well done! After putting the cat and lightning a candle in it, she made a smiley out of autumn leaves. Tomorrow, going home. A very nice weekend to have Nadine here! I love you so much!

Grass Is Growing! | #MikaTheAngel #GraveVisit

So great to see that the seeds of love flourish in green! A visit of a debriefing nature with Peter at the funeral bureau today. A good talk! He has been, and is, so great and warm-hearted. He said that taking care of Mika had made a far more and deeper impact than usual, that he will take with him for the rest of his life. Not a single day passing by without thinking of him! A rough night before, with some three hours sleep and insomnia comedy TV, now having greater hope of getting sleep here and now! Good…