Eureka! A book … | #PhotoStory

I love new ideas. Inventions. Insight breakthroughs. This is a core in my future research to come. Just another book from the university library Campus Norrköping to flip through in my exploratory long-term search related to the theme ‘music for health’. Work in progress!

Wisdoming | #blog365 #haiku #SaturdayLove

the wise warrior // invites you // to embrace inspiration and creation — Photo: Yoda in Full Size Lego Model at the entrance of “Arbetets Museum” Norrköping (Museum of Work), at the annual Builder Weekend arranged by the Swedish Independent LEGO Community – Swebricks. — Second time around, and what a blast! Nadine and I had a fundamental highlight of Flow when we took part of and contributed to this magnificent Event. My SD Card and the Cloud Server Storages are jam-packed with images and some videos from an event that gave so much in so many dimensions, so I…