Mika’s Death Announced Today At St. Matthew’s Church, Norrköping, Today – And A Plea For Help | #MikaTheHero #MikaMemorial #MikaByeBye

We went to the church today, for the services. For the record – my religious ‘belief’ has been stated at that blue-white empire beginning with an F (“the Book of Faces” …?) since I joined: IN EMERGENCE. No essays about that, here and now. To the point – The priest nailed it in the sermon today, what could be a description of our lives right now. To thrive in chaos, and to just go on. Crash, and to get back. Now, beyond the greatest loss and pain ever felt, we are also economically totally on the edge. With the ceremony…

Mika Memorial And Bye-Bye Announced Today | #MikaTheHero #MikaMemorial #MikaByeBye

Publically announced today. Mika Memorial and Bye Bye Ceremony, 29th of August 2019 in Norra Kapellet/North Chapel – Norra Kyrkogården/North Graveyard, Matteus Congregation, Norrköping. All who feel the calling are welcome. Swedish Facebook event is there. English mirroring of event will be published. Today we met the wonderful and for us sent priest Lisa Linderoth, who also took care of the Funeral of Karin’s daddy and Mika’s grandpa Hans, 2010. She remembered that. The outline of the ceremony is set. Afterwards we met with Mika’s godmother Hanna with family, and had a debriefing Fika alone with Hanna. Such a great…

Where The Remains Of Mika Will Land | #MikaTheHero #FamilyGrave #BEBEBE

  Here. August 29. 12.00. North Chapel. North Graveyard. Matteus Congregation. Norrköping. The World. Universe. #Thisworld. Invitation to #MikaMemorial #MikaByeBye commencing in rounds, during the days to come. Announcement in Norrkpings Tidningar tomrrow. Love be with us. Mika be with us. Be with us. Be. Be! BE! WITH US!

Mika Memorial And Bye-Bye – We Made The First Meeting At The Bureau! Seven Days And Nights Survived! | #MikaMemorial #GriefWeek

[More to come …] — Now. Sleep! Good Night, Our Little Big Rainbow Star – The Spirit of Mika! You helped us out during First Week of Grief! You are amazing, eternally beloved! THANK YOU! See you again 2078!