With Lights And Darkness | #poem

Eternal We are Live Die Your potential Lost In life Your potential Won Through others Thinking Of what you might have become Think Of those who were Live Love Forgive Repeat And the dark Can be light And the grey Shines in colour Choose perspective And We are all Light! Thank you for what you did good Forgiven For all bad We live on!

Monetary | #31meditations

Uchi the cat in my lap. Love it is. Unconditional. Outside. Ice chilly. Warmth in heart. Lights are there. Always. My daughter ten orbits tomorrow. I am in peace. — shifting to Swedish — Jag är i frid. Med frid. Kommer fred. Med Nadine … The Heroine. Kommer frid och fred. Kärlekskraften är alltid runt om oss. Överallt. Jämt. Var i den. Nadine är i den. Jämt. Det är hårdvalutan. — shift to English — The Love Power Is the Hard Currency Be in it Nadine is in it Always Always Always .

UN Day – UV Poem | #blog101 #UNDay #Poem

United, Nations. Blue. White. Sun. Energy. Life. Hope. Live. Love. United, Verse.  One World, One Source. Open Hearts, Open World, Open Hope. Let Music Be Your Healer. Your Healer. Your Healer. Yes! Sample, the One Verse.  Uni. Verse. UV – LED – LIGHT – FOLLOW – FIND – PATH – GO! Done. Check! Good, NIGHT – DAY – MORNING – EVENING – WORLD – FAMILY Thank. YOU! WE ARE HERE WE ARE FAMILY FULL STOP? NO. GO ON! MOVE! IN NAME OF. LOVE.

Posting Post-Kraftwerk | #blog366 #status #photolog

Chronologie. Reverse. Time. — ^^ above … Ultra Energy Save Mode on Gadget. Photos taken via Twitter Photo App. Then. Off My Gadget. Mine, that is. I cannot go beyond this, in my posting. Right now. Epimagic is not enough. Priceless? Speechless? They exceeded my realistically high expectations. Placed alongside a few as Shared Number One Live Music. Ever. — Note: This post is back-dated. The blog-every-day #blog366 challenge (a keep-the-chain-challenge) has my own rule. Let one posting reflect the day. Back-date if necessary. Journalling of sorts if not a specific other blog challenge is there to flow. I think this is…