The Sun Shone Today As Well | #Photolog

And so, it will, in an estimated five billion orbits around it, from where we are.

Now, adding a full weekend of events, in need of special attention, where the balance in between experiencing and storytelling is explored in my slow pace during my Sorrow Work.

Where delimitations comes natural, and are given respect.

Thinking aloud – I have had an inner dialogue of writing up more stuff beyond this Lullaby Journalling, when coming to stuff I love to do – and then share!

The “daytime” sharing. So, with the ethos of “doing stuff that brings me joy”, I am coming closer to share “products” related from this Joy Flow! Sorrow Healing in itself, methinks! Beginning to give the weekend’s events special attention!

Now, being on the Dark Side of The Earth, moment coming to jump on the sleep train!

A last thank you to a dear friend since over a decade ago, for the sharing and listening in memory of #MikaTheAngel! I love you, J.! And our free-flow walk’n’talks in the beloved ‘hoods of Norrköping! Keep/ing strong, we are!

In name of kindness and love:

Good Night, World!



Good Morning, Sun! To come!

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