Melancholy – Serenity – Soft Tears – Music – Fika – Roadtrip | #GriefCamp

Firstly: I have faded out much of my FB responses towards the LoveFlood Tsunami of condolences some days now, in order to catch up and calm down. As overwhelming and explosive as the shockwave in itself, your LoveFlow has been – and is! – something that makes ALL the difference. Keep ’em coming! Send a heart! We feel it! We see you!

Fading in, today, was a narrowing down, and only keep focus on the closest circle, with soft chat, and rest. Silence. Music, music, music.

Waking up with a breakfast feeling of melancholy, with the infinite missing of his physical presence, and only sensing his whereabouts now, today named The Otherworld. With a constant thin wall in between the sense of tempoarary calm and serenity in Thisworld, and an explosive screaming pain!

All in all. Small roadtrip to an authentic local Swedish Fika Place outside town. Grey weather. Rain. Thunder in the night. Cats at home. Mika huggiebear sorrowsubstitute.

And now.

Sleep Train at Station.

“Hey, we’re coming!”

Hope – as always! – for a #MikaMeet in one way or another, in Dreamscape Gateway to Otherworld.

Good night!

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