When Mika the Hero lives up to his name | #MikaTheHero #blog31

Photo by Karin / @akrogirl – from #MikaTheHero Flow. At the waiting room.

Yesterday Mika fell off his chair, backwards, on the kitchen carpet. Very hurtful, but nothing seemed to be broken in his arm. After a night with pain, we made a call to the public health service at 1177, and they recommended to go to the kiddie ER at our hospital Vrinnevi here in Norrköping – better safe than sorry! Lucky he was – “only” his radius was snapped out a bit, and was easily snapped back just by the doctor’s hand. And x-ray confirmed nothing was broken, as assumed!

Still some pain in the arm, though (of course!), but expected to fade out within 48 hours max.

Mika took the whole series of events with grace and power, and shows a great deal of patience! Much to discover at the hospital! Thanks Swedish health care to be there for us when we really need you! All Love from us!

Now, I join the Little Big One and the rest of the family after a looooong day …

Good Night!

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