Synchronicities – Life as a Maze, and Disturbing Cats as Guides

Yesterday, I started playing around with an InspoQuote generator, claimed to be driven by artificial intelligence*. 

It was spot on after some iterations, when it generated “society as a maze”, which I have percieved in life. As something you cope with. Or get used to! 

Shared on my Tumblr yesterday.

When I got struck by Reverse Insomnia this morning, waking up at 5am, I played around with it, again. To my surprise, the first one I got, happened exactly when Deshi joined me!

Life. In a nutshell. And no, sleep was sought, but not found. But I was pumped full with Love and Bonding molecules in the Cat-On-Chest situation. Harmony and Joy, in Morning Meditation. Yes!

I cope. In this maze.

All will be fine.

All is fine.

*Http://, h/t Henrik Löwenhamn

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