Intentions vs Realities | #blog101 #FlowOfLife #MondayMacroscope


In short: Get real.

I have practiced the art of complicating it for myself all too long.

Enough with that.

What has been, and what to become, is only one way to relate to:

What was, is not now. And what to become, you do.




… is to boil down to one-and-one-only to solve the very hard equation to “find your element”, where I unify making a living that harmonizes with what’s important for me (to which you can read in my About Page), at the same time doing stuff that I have space and ability to carry – long term.

I have answered “What?”, and now I translate it into “How”. Creating a plan, with enough details to make it doable! And a plan taken down to what, can I say? A DO-cument, maybe?

So. During the coming month, that “How” question is set to be answered.

Intentions and expectations governs the outcome, so let me quote one of Mika’s favourite lullaby sources, Mr. Robert Nesta Marley Jr., also known by the nick-name “Bob”:

“Every little thing, is gonna be allright”!

Story, evolving!

Now, sleep! Without lullabies! And yes, Mika is already asleep.

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