H as in Hobby | #blog26 #wishlist

Mika captured by Karin today, at a BBQ invited by our friend Hanna and meeting some of her friends. In these days, with Football Male European Championships, this might be appropriate, ha ha! But seriously, Mika loves balls and getting them into move. But he also loves music and dancing – moving in his own style. And banging on things!

But whatever he chooses coming to what he loves to do, I wish he does it independently out and from his own heart. His own hobby, his own passion, his own style and expression! And not end up being a victim of norms and peer pressure in any way.

Football has generated a global community adaption of s size and magnitude matched by very few other social practices, so he would then be a part of this “world religion”. But if Mika invented a new sport that only gathers his friends to begin with, that would be a big event in his and my life, seeing it happen! 

Make your living, by living your making, I wish for you, my beloved Mika!

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