Popcorn (instrumental) – A #MikaFirsties – At Folkparken, Norrköping – Today | #blogg100 #MikaTheHero


In this environment. Here we are. Standing tall. Dance is already in place. Walking, commencing countdown. Count the words in these images. Here, he is. Fill in the blanks. You read the two pic animation, yes?



A PS. Please take some time to find the origins and roots of one of the most important songs to popularize, what can be called “electronic music”. Popcorn was played in the background, yes. And it instantly hit the spirit of Mika. And the event for older kids that took place there as well.

So – listen!

The original creator hasn’t got the full recognition. Seems like a topic to bump some time, when it comes to fill my “Manthric Filtering” – #Music4Health. Stay tuned, and separate signal from noize. Now, bedtime! With a melody on auto repeat, imagined to be rearranged to a chill version. Yes …

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