№ 1 – The Challenge | #blogg24


I love blog challenges! And, starting from today, for the second year for me, I join a small blogger community in Sweden, blogging under the flag of #blogg24. Started three years ago, it seems to institutionalize itself this year! Posting from 1st to 24th of December, a Blogging Advent Calendar of sorts.

Last year, I published with New Word Theme (neologisms, Swedish, alphabetical from A to Ö, broken flow, completed in January). This year, I just post with the format “№ XX – The NN”, what might be found, there and then. Reflecting and reviewing the past with a year coming to an end, conceptualizing and imagining the future with a new year coming, or just finding the Now – that might spark a bit of artistic/creative inspiration.

Enjoy! I will sure do!

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