Here’s To You, Melanthie! (And Roland) | #blog101 #Congratulations #Music #Daylist

Melanthie Johansson. Widow to Hans Johansson. Bonus mother to my Karin, and my bro-thru-my-fiancée Roland. She turns 72 today! Hipp hipp hooray! Distance hugs from bonus step-son here! Hope your day was as great as it could be, down there in Cyprus! Hope to see you soon again! And, first-and-foremost – Mika wants to meet her bonus grand-mother!!! 

Dedicated classical music listener, you are! As Tears For Fears (Roland, yeees?) so eloquently puts it in their Beatles Pastiche – Sowing The Seeds Of Love! My earworm this morning. Always with meaning to explore. A day like this! Landed in an inspirational route, beyond Tears For Fears, with a flow starting with Canon in D, Bach! Follows an exposé of tranquility! And ended with … Duran Duran!

Melanthie! Live looong, and prosper!

End of exclamation marks. Good night, and sleep well.


  1. Anders, Many many thanks for the beautiful thought . Love your birthday photo.You are all loved and missed

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