My comeback to the SMC Editorial Work


In an annual announcement from the Social Media Club Board of Directors, where I serve as Global Web Editor, I had a shout out – calling for editors.

“The time has come. When I co-founded the SMC Editorial Team back in 2010, and then became the first member of the Board of Directors outside the US/Americas in 2012, I set out to leverage the bottom line of my writing – where I view the Internet to be the greatest force of Peace the world has seen so far. In this spirit, and in a joint learning process, we welcome contributions to co-create collective and crowdsourced Wisdom of all things Social; Software, Media and Web. We are looking forward to get – and share! – powerful storytelling from all over the SMC Global Community and the World! 2015 is the year!” 

I got the opportunity to make a follow-up in a separate blog post, calling for action, titled “Social Media is Boring – Long Live the Social Web!”.

It was published today, so head over to the main blog From The Clubhouse over at SMC dot org and read the full text!


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