Catching up on a pile of newspapers – with soundtrack

It’s #SundaySerenity !

Today, Karin and I really took the full day to rest. I had a huge pile of newspapers to catch up, and I almost made it thru the day :).

The reading was soundtracked by some nice and lovely meditative sounds. Jan Johansson’s “Jazz in Swedish” / “Jazz på Svenska” has been rediscovered, and I keep coming back to that magnificent piece of magic music. The soundtrack from the Gladiator, yes – some of the tunes I would get to a specific playlist “Music that makes me cry”. Some music owns your soul temporarily, some other for ever. I think some of the Gladiator tunes is in that latter category. Painfully beautiful. But a great meditative piece is Brian Eno’s 1975 album “Discreet Music”, and I think I will include parts of it for my next Pomodoro Mix.

Now, a day fading out, and meeting the week to come with courage and energy. Good night!

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