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Four Books (?) In Becoming - A Visual/Spiritual Imagery

The web have changed our knowledge development in many dimensions, not to say the least when it comes to its reach – we now can co-develop and converse on a global scale and share stories and experiences. When it comes to the concrete “industry” of the “word”, it has also challenged old presumptions going from “idea”, to first “draft” over maybe to a “book”. Nowadays, a book can be fully “electronic”, and not even going to print with all the pads, tablets and different kind of e-readers out there.

I have been in the loop of that “book making” for some years, but there was something there in between going from “here” to “done”. The first topic suggested was to write about “sustainopreneurship” – but what really felt more urgent to get out was to find the “context” in which sustainopreneurship had to struggle to get leverage – and I landed in the thinking with concets “structure society” and “flow society”. In short – what really needs to be challenged, is the institutional order now creating a road block for many initiatives in the name of entrepreneurship for sustainability – especially when it comes to the financial and economical structures we have established and created. De-learn, for re-learn and re-create!

So – this category will be pointing to the write-ups and a bit longer, tightly held together pieces-of-thinking, that has gone beyond that fast paced blogging and discoveries with short comments out there related, and emerged and matured to the article / essay / idea paper length. And maybe, in the end, processed towards something that can be held and kept together into the virtual boundaries of a “PDF” – the eBook, by then also ready-made for an optional printed issue. Yes, from article, building up a chapter, and chapters together giving you The Book.

The Major Outline of the Books to come, and aiming to get focused in this stream is:

On Flow Society

  • “Understanding Flow Society – Where Are We Heading?” (Idea Book)
  • “How to Survive, Live and Prosper in The Flow Society – #FlowDoneSystem and Other Practical Clues.” (Practical Guide)

On Sustainopreneurship

  • “Sustainopreneurship – Business with a Cause. Sharing Stories on Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Sustainability.”

Up until now, almost all of the writing on The Flow Society has been done through my function as a member of the global Social Media Club Editorial Team. The postings collected so far, have their own dedicated project site. I believe I will get another round of working through some postings next level, that will head there over time. But for now, focus is to get all the writings so far into one central “idea book” on topic, triggering conversation and co-discovery further, and taking things to the next level of understanding – in order to explain, adapt and apply, in practice.

When that is done, through the year, I feel ready to write the book on Sustainopreneurship 2013 – aiming for the “ten year anniversary” of discovering the term – which I did 2003.

And further down the road, the Open World idea, envisioned, will get its own volume and bunch of write-ups.

But for now.

Follow #TheFlowSociety from Idea and Conversation, to Book! Reports here on new writings elsewhere, linked, and original writing firstly published here as well.

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