Current Projects – Flow is the Word, Music is the Soundtrack

In the Current Projects stream, I will write on all the professional undertakings I do – sometimes in trade of cash, sometimes in trade of other values. Currently, this is the lineup of committments:

#TheFlowSociety – Web, Seminars/Webinars and Books

In order to conceptualize and increase insights about a society in profound transition, I have now levelled the effort from the monthly writeups through the Social Media Club Editorial Team and aggregated these postings in an own web-space – Associated activities is a seminar series offline, and a webinar series online, together with a project to get two associated books out themed in line with the webinar/seminar series – one more theoretical, one more practical. See the website for more information.

#FlowDoneSystem – a central clue to get along in the Flow Society

During the course of years, I have developed an own approach on organizing stuff and getting things done, and now I got it named – The Flow Done System. This will be a central element in the content of that practical how-to-in-the-flow-society. It will be documented on the above web, with some complimentary comments here on this personal web as well.

#PomodoroMix – soundtracking your flow, feeding your focus

One of the keys in the quest to get your stuff done, I have developed the concept of “pomodoro mix”. It is a musical mix that soundtracks a 25 minute working session, applying the Pomodoro Technique. This is complimentary in the #FlowDoneSystem – to get focused sessions, building up a full Pomodoro Set. Read more – and especially get the music flowing! – over at

#NEMCOMDjSchool – fostering the next generation of DJs in Norrköping

Last year, we piloted a program to develop the skills among Norrköping’s DJ-wannabe’s. In the beginning of March, we had a “graduation party” with the first generation coming out from this school. We now roll on with some new-comers – and NEMCOM offers alot of scenes and events for our apprentices to get routine and gigs.

TEDxNorrköping and Pecha Kucha Nights Norrköping

I am involved in both these event format memes locally. Next time TEDxNorrköping takes place is June 13, themed “Sense and Sensibility”. The first TEDxNorrköping was in September last year.

Pecha Kucha Nights Norrköping usually takes place first Tuesday every month, and next time (coming Wednesday this week) we have a guest event in Linköping (where I will be on stage for the fourth time in the PKN Nkpg history – giving a presentation on The Flow Society).

All these projects will be reflected here and there in the streams on this web, so stay tuned!

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