Order Placed Of The Headstone / Tombstone | #MikaTheAngel #Retrospective

September 17, 2019.

After some twists and turns, the order finally was placed!

With the signature, I walked in the heavy showers with the paper document.

Strange thing with the meeting of the traditional and the contemporary – a paper that I had in my canvas hip bag in its envelope, was found a bit wet after the showers …

But managed to get it delivered anyways. Something as fragile as paper in the water, will lead to a stone lasting for decades ahead. Our Family Headstone / Tombstone.

Things did not turn out as it should. It was not you who would go first, Mika. We miss you like crazy! Even though we actually KNOW that you are in #TheOtherworld, the pain we feel in #Thisworld is so uncompromisingly big. It’s so surreal. We have to convince ourselves every day that you are not with us anymore. You to us, was everything.

When the stone come into place, it will be so heavily manifested. Still, we feel in some kind of limbo. But then … well. What to say? You are gone. We walk to your grave every day to just talk to you, and let our feelings pour out. Help us out, will you?

I love you forever, Mika.



❤️ 2015 05 28

❤️ 2019 08 01

Älskad ~ Saknad

(Beloved ~ Missed)

Note: This posting done in retrospect, due to a week with fever and cold.


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