Karin and Anders – ten years! | #Family #Love

Today Karin and I celebrate ten years as a couple! We have had our ups and downs, challenges and joys, but first and foremost we have had each other!

One peak moment in our relationship was of course seeing our son come to life, Mika. Soon three years ago! We also has seen Nadine grow up, now eleven years strong. We lost Karin’s father Hans 2010, and dear old cat Wendy 2012, and has seen our cats Uchi and Deshi arrive 2013, and Soto 2015.

Sometimes lyricists grasps a feeling. I borrow some lines from Depeche Mode, from.Shake the Disease,

“Some people have to be
Permanently together
Lovers devoted to
Each other forever.”

Just so. That’s us!

I love you forever, and I look forward to grow old with you, and together see our kids grow up. Decades are there to come for us to experience, you and me, my Kramin! In love and strength!



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