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Soto might be the most perfect family cat ever. She came when she was needed the most in our family. Just some few days before we got to know the diagnosis of Mika’s heart disease during the pregnancy. She helped us cope through those days. And, well, since then, I could count so many times and events, and share so many traits, that makes her just that – The Family Cat! Of course, Uchi and Deshi are perfect family cats as well – three very distinct personalities, helping us out in the highs and lows.

I do not have the space, today, to write the longest love letter ever, and telling all the stories that fill my heart and mind – coming to midnight and bedtime, already. So, as usual – just letting some images capture the little leading lady of the household (as a female feline, she’s always on top in our herd), on the webz known as #SotoTheCat!


When she came to LIFE! A little orange one – born and bread from proud mother Vanilj, 15th of November, 2014! In the beautiful and lovely breeding home of SE*Pincalicious – our dearest friend-of-family Suzanne Fors, the caretaker (photo by her)! Read about Soto there!

When Suzanne announced the birth, and added the newborn to Facebook two years ago – here’s the caption (in Swedish).


Orange. SE*Pinkalicious Pralin. Soto. #SotoTheCat. Söto. Beloved cat gets many names!


Contemplating, tonight.


And, of course, we promised little mummy Nadine to take part in the celebration tonight as well, virtually! We sang for Soto, and cheered those four Hoorays, echoing all the way to Nadine’s room in Eidsvoll, Norway <3 ! Nadine and Soto in a conversation, through a screenshot of the little mobile web meeting!

I am pretty convinced Sot is now in the bedroom, resting on the bookshelf beside the bed, so she can have her watching eye over Karin and Mika (where Soto has the closest loyalty to Karin, as usually is with Holy Birmans – having ‘one’, chosen, as primary attachment).

So, with that guess, I just want to leave the laptop, and join that little love temple!

Good night!

Today’s playlist – SOTOLOVE!

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