Musical Memories | #blog101 #Music4Health #DayPlayList 

If I step into the flow to give you the full story of primary associations to all the tunes here, it would take too much of my writing energy and your reading focus. Where I guess it takes energy to focus, right?

Well, straight to the point. Punch line. The tune ending this playlist, is in fact one of my first identified ‘musical memories’, where I remember artist and title of the song. Sliding back the timeline of my life, I was around seven years old or so, in 1974, and I tuned in to Radio Luxemburg on our kitchen radio. One of the hits from that time stroke a chord of my spirit, “Rock Your Baby” with George McCrae.

Now, I feel the circle is closed, since I was in fact rocking my baby in my arms, just some moments ago. Mika. Coming to 18 months of living, he develops strongly. And music, apparently, is one of his key elements getting him going. Or responding with falling asleep, as in the above mentioned case – a #MikaLullaby, fully searchable on the webs, with my random real-time sharings.

And at this moment, it is coming to the time for us, as well, to join Mika where he sleeps. In our bed. Side by side. Surrounding him. With love.

November has begun. A great start! With music.

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