Project Back-To-Working-Life – and Sonic Vibrations for Health | #ProjectThursday #WorkTrial #GongMeditation

It is Thursday. For me, it leaves a review and reflection over current ongoing projects. For me, in focus, one thing. To get back my ability to be a stable bread-winner for my family, at the same time doing something with depth and meaning, contributing to the society at large. And now, I experience a joint hands-on work trial, giving room for what I would call “pre-research” to my main future research on Music for Health – and that is to be trying out my working capabilities at Norrköping Kundalini Yoga Center.

I will tell you the full story along the line here on the blog, but included are compulsory participation in the lunch yoga sessions. And there, they use big Gong:s at the end of the sessions. Gah, what cleansing of stress and tensions they provide!

This will be my first focus in the researching I will do as a part of the work trial – the scientific research connected to Gong Meditation. And, experiencing it before taking the theory of it, sure is a very hands on input into deeper understanding, why the effect is so strong, when we vibrate at certain frequencies, generated by these big gong’s.

Follow the story, with my Project Thursday postings!


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