Mika! | #blogg29 [M] #MikaTheHero #LoveDeclaration #Family

Mika’s hand at a fishtank. A fav dreamaway for him to enter their little ‘verse’. Imagination is more importanr than knowledge, A. Einstein said. Agreed! Photo by Karin.

M as in Mika – The Hero!

I let images do the talking. Enlarge a collage, created beyond the moment we captured what Mika should be id’ed with on the social web. Clicky clicky! And. Of course. Link to the search itself!

A note: We got the moment we found the #MikaTheHero ID on tape – at the restaurant at the patient hotel, Skåne University Hospital, Lund, some days after his birth. Upload. Maybe. Shared. Someday. Or a family video album keeper only. For Mika. Who knows?

Mika – I Love You Forever. I will always be there for you! Always!!!



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