Music is the Answer – Love is the Meaning

For those who have followed me through the years – both before and after the “age of the social web” – know I have a deep passion for music. An old version of my “musical biography” (covering up until 2008) can be found over at the archived here (to be updated, edited and published here in time).

I have three aliases, representing different styles – “DJ Anders” (the beats from now and then, aimed to make you move and mostly versions of electronic dance music from all over the spectrum), “aBreathing” (meditative and with no or soft beats), and very seldom here and there an appearance of my very old alias “Papa Abbie” (first used at 16 years of age – resurrected at a set at a magical New Years Eve where I played roots reggae and some ska music).

At the end of last year, I had a breakthrough in my “professional life” – and finding a deeper meaning to “integrate” my musical passions on a new level and through a new concept. The “Pomodoro Mix” was born! Read more about it on and on “Current Projects“.

Let me share the first full Pomodoro Mix Set – made from all the single mixes published firstly on Mixcloud, now on SoundCloud:

While at it, I also want to share a mix that very much worked as a soundtrack in the workings to create this new version of my personal community hub. Yes, music really feeds my energy, concentration and creativity, for sure! It is from one of my favourite DJs and producers at the moment – Quivver (a k a John Graham). A radio mix, shared on his SoundCloud profile.


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