Smilies | #blog365

joy shared // on a restaurant // with beautiful and lovely — Photo: We attended Depeche Mode Bar where I played live and curated a spotifylist as well – a night with Depeche Only on Café Broadway, an annual NEMCOM event :). It was also ‘Anders-day’ – so two reasons to celebrate witj Burgers, Beer and Cider :).

Weekday Gratitude | #blog365 #haiku

in serenity // our week // starts — Photo: This is a three-shots-into-one, capturing a Monday Morning in Casa Abrahamsson Johansson. #KarinTheAkrogirl in our beloved armchair. #DeshiTheCat beside on the side table. Me in front with a #selfie. Merged in a grid through PhotoGrid for Android. — We love our Serenity Corner. I do my morning Yantra Mat/Yoga/Meditation/Gratitude routine just beside it as well (which explains the headphones – this morning I had “Space Music” channel on Digitally Imported). So all in all – our little sanctuary just where the sunrays paint their light, we just exist and get into…