A Sense of Belonging – The Aikido Community | #CommunityWednesday #Aikido

Tonight I was, as usual on Wednesdays, at the Dojo and trained. Now, approaching bed, I check my Insta flow. I stumbled upon this!

You find Aikido there, at right!

Oh, this is nerdery. But what to expect? Yes, exactly! I am Aikido!

We are spread over the world, and that is a strong feeling. In a sense, it becomes a universal language, similar to music. An understanding beyond words, a connection. And coming with the Radical Inclusiveness I experience with Aikido culture, I can really subscribe to the sentiment – “Aikido – the Art of Peace”!

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    1. This is far beyond a tribe, Sir! It’s an infinitely growing community practicing an Art of Peace since some hundred years back in its roots of Budo, with Bushido, of which you generate understanding and directly sense the physical force of Love in the Universe!

      And Purpose?

      Well, M., I had it before my day-of-birth! But there were alot of distractions before I could live it out – in full. Most of them, self-invited! Still some road blocks ahead, but gets managed with Hope, Patience, Endurance, Compassion and Joy! And a whole lotta Discipline, keeping FOCUS to get it done!


      PS. Comes without saying – I breathe it, live it, all day thru, with MY FAMILY! PERIOD!

  1. Ahhh, taking in a deep breath. Thank you for articulating this Anders, my aiki-bro. I think only poetry or poetic prose gets close to the feeling of practicing this Art of Peace and then also sharing this with others with its own form of language… Thank you for your words.. your own poetic prose…..

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