When dropping out is moving in! | #31meditations

I joined the challenge 31 meditations (31 meditations in 1-31 January), due to its collective momentum in Sweden. I tried to find my own take on it. A stream-of-consciousness meditation, letting free an association stream of “m-words”. 

Then, something happened. I was letting go. And this weekend, I got back to my ordinary routine, XXL, due to a lumbago. Gratitude. Yoga. Meditation. The #GYMSession! And the deep regular meditation on my Yantra mat really was out of this world! But! As with mantras, the content, flow and outcome of these meditations, in their full experiences, is profoundly non-bloggable! By nature!

When looking at the rest of the M-words from the list, I conclude I lost both inspiration and mmmmmmmmotivation – so! End here! 31 meditations, it will be! I meditate every day, due to a deeply rooted meditative mindset!


Letting this blog go with other stuff!

Plans. In emergence.

And, it is a mix of life, sounds and music. 

Ideas, in marinade!

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