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When defining the (blog) challenge of the month of January – 31 meditations in the interval of first to last of January – I went by my meditative intuition in itself on what and how to let it be (re)presented on my blog. And, while having this “meta-meditation”, out came to just let my stream-of-consciousness provide me with 32 words beginning with M.

While the first third of these words made some sense in their flow, the eleventh marked a shift. 

Out came “Monrovian”.

Now, today, “what the heck is that”?

Surprisingly enough (irony…), Wikipedia had the answer in length:

Monrovia is the capitol of Liberia.

Now I have read the article, and learnt a great deal.

What comes out as a key word and sentiment reading it, is “emancipation”.

To be free. To liberate yourself. To go from slavery and live an independent life.

What is it?

One of my key working titles for future works keeps bumping on this topic.

With the clear hopes of the futures to be brought to here, one of them is to place a foundation for our own family to be emancipated, and leave current constraints behind us.

Breathing fresh air – like I guess the people in World’s poorest town does, going to the beach, to give yourself a break from the hardships coming from living in this community and context. Or, well, as fresh as it can be, learning that the town has many and severe environmental problems as well.

For some minutes, “I am a Monrovian”.


Then, now, here, bedtime.

Dream to be free.

Word eleven to meditate on, done. 

— images credit of Wikimedia Commons, illustrating Monrovia

— Writing Soundtrack/Meditative Music:

36 – Void Dance

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