In and Out of Love | #blog365 #haiku #DailyGratitude


the box of security // resides // with a wish for unfrequent use

Let’s send a thought to all those who live with life’s urgencies at the other end of what’s started by your 911 call. Or 112 as here where I place my feet, in the flow of steps in my everydayness.

Thank you for being there! Thank you for being there when my beloved Karin was unfortunate while experiencing the at Art Work of Nimis past Sunday!

Finally getting some distance to the event. Breathe in, Breathe out.

Yes, you are my [ICE]. Yes, you are my Eternal Love. Let’s preserve that.

Read for more details.

Pic: First Aid Kit captured and shared, on my train ride today getting my daughter. Follow my #PathApp flow for the Real Time Captures.


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