Social Media Club – Global Initiatives 2013 – from ‘State of SMC’ Chapter Leadership Web Meeting | #CommunityWednesday


One of the slides screen-captured, from today’s ‘State of SMC’ Chapter Leadership Web Meeting.

Today, I attended one of the three web meetings possible to pick for chapter leaders globally to attend, rolling out the plans we in the Global Board of Directors have been cooking since last year.

In summary.

Campaigning to get professional members and provide added value to get deeper into World’s Largest Not-For-Profit organization for social media professionals/enthusiasts.

New website, migrating from the publishing-focused (Drupal) site, to a Community/Connection/Conversation-focused (WordPress MU/Buddypress) hub. It’s going to be Åsm (=awesome)!

In general, improved infrastructure for organizing and management for the chapter volunteers, with a beauty set of plugins and 3rd party tools.

The first Annual SMC Month in May – theme ‘United We Share’. Every chapter having events in May are encouraged to share the outcome, which will be aggregated and reported in June. Livestreams. Videos for later uploads. Summary Blog Posts. Think: “Blog Action Day”, but spread over the monthly events in as many as possible of the 300+ chapters in 60+ countries spread over six continents.

Bringing us to the last, but not the least, bullet. Content, Curricula and Curation/Programming.

I am one of two directors responsible for different parts of content creation, so that will be shared separately in a specific post, when the new coordinating editor for the 40+ headed global #SMCEdTeam Basil Puglisi, and me (where I am developing a new Editorial Product #SMCGlobalReport), have had our first one-on-one Skype. And, also, when the operating team I am directing for the Global Report have set our Editorial Guidelines and Strategies. Then, some editorial statements will be rolled out on the main site :). And commented here on my own web hub, from a more personal perspective.

So – with a phrase borrowed from the Radio Signal Driven, Distance, One-To-Many Media, Old Skool:

Stay Tuned!

Or – shall I say, with the Web Driven, Many-To-Many, Contemporary Flow:

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