The tedious work of updating profiles

When new activities in life occurs, and life shifts into new adventures, you have to update all your “virtual identities”. I feel like being beyond halfway now, at least, but still some heavy leg-work to do before ready.

So far I have placed my hand on

  • My Google+ About
  • My Facebook (still to create an InFluxum Page so I can add the position “founder”)
  • My LinkedIn
  • My Yahoo Profile
  • My Twitter Bio

All got the new avatar (that Karin shot past summer), together with a new cover/header photo (here as well).

All the links are found on the equally updated Gravatar profile.

Still to go, Flickr and YouTube. Tomorrow, I will focus creating the brand page for InFluxum at Facebook, so I can mention my newest venture and brand on my Facebook profile as well.

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