Wendy My <3 - Rest In Peace

Today, at 15.25, Wendy took her last breath. Right now, I am out of words. I can only say, that I lost one of my three most beloved in my life – a family member I got the pure joy, bliss and happinness to spend four and a half years with. I had the privilege to get fully adopted by a sweet, unique, sensitive, intelligent, charming, wonderful beauty of a Queen.

I let the pictures speak for themselves for the moment. I will update this posting with captions, to tell the full story. Later.

Now, we will try to get some sleep.

Rest In Peace, my beloved Wendy. I will miss you like crazy, and the pain is unspeakable.

Good night, Wendy. Good night, World.

Dream in Cat Heaven, W. We’ll meet again, when time comes.

Until then, Thank You for all your Love. The love you gave. The love you received. The love we shared.








Now, we will just live in a house.



  1. What an absolutely stunning set of photos. What really comes through is the love. What a blessed soul Wendy *is*. Thank you for posting.

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